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You have come to the right spot to learn and be guided into the medieval reconstruction culture!  We've competed in steel medieval combat sports since it's inception in Detroit.  Either in HEMA, HMB or ACS, we can help get you started onto the path of the sword.

We can assist you in understanding armored combat and joining the Knight Fight to recreate the medieval tournaments of the 14th to 16th centuries. 

You will get a chance to experience axes, maces, longswords, pole axes, halberds as well as sword and shield or sword and buckler combat.


Start on your journey now to being a sword master and Contact Us for more information. Or visit us during one of our training sessions per our Class Schedule.

Phone: +1 (586)-782-4434


Membership includes access to our facilities and training by over 40 years experience of armored combat in national and international events.

Included in membership is use of club armor for use in all DFC demos and shows. Use of equipment for tournaments can be rented. 

Membership is $100 per month and a $100 sign up fee, which gets you some practice equipment to get started. Click the buttons below to join now or come out to your first practice for free.