Welcome to the The Arnold Medieval Fighting Invitational 


This will be one of the biggest Mens 5v5 buhurt tournament in yet held in North America! This is a limited club admission event that will run from 2-4 on Friday March 6th, 2020 in Columbus, OH at The Arnold Sports Festival. The festival attracts over 22,000 athletes across 80+ sports and over 200,000 spectators through the weekend.  A set of Women 3v3 demonstration events is possible.  


Club Registration for the tournament is Closed.

Event Schedule:


  • 10-12 AM - Room B232 in Convention Center - HMB Marshal Training by Myasischev Sergey
  • 2-5:30 PM - Buhurt Tournament - Hall B of Greater Columbus Convention Center
  • 6 PM - Room B232 - HMB Marshal Exam - by Myasischev Sergey



  • 10-12 AM - Sheraton Legislative Room - HMB Marshal Training (& Exam?) by Myasischev Sergey - FREE
  • 1-1:30 PM - Fighting Demos- Concourse Stage - Sword/Shield, Longsword, Pole arm Duels & one pro fight.
  • 2-4 PM - Soft Kit at Sheraton in Legistlative Room 1st Floor. Free to all tournament participants. $50 fee to all others from ASF. Taught by Ilias Vyshutin - See below
  • 4-6 PM - Train the Trainers - Session by Myasischev Sergey. Free to all. Discussion about what goes into good training sessions and club growth. - FREE To tournament participants.
  • 6-8 PM - Second Session - Soft Kit at Sheraton in Legistlative Room 1st Floor. Free to all tournament athletes .$50 fee to all others from ASF. Taught by Ilias Vyshutin - see below

Event Attendance:

The additional need to plan and have hard deadlines is so we can attempt to secure the ability to reserve 2 hotel rooms downtown per club. We will be in the main expo hall B in the highest visibility location.  Athletes and some limited staff attending will get free entrance for the weekend, however other support will need to purchase an expo pass, which is a moderate $50 for the weekend. Children 14 and under should get in free. See the expo website for details. A locked room will be provided Thursday night for storage of gear, but must be removed at the end of the day on Friday.  We will be armoring in the room and marching down to the list.  There is additionally a limited amount of space next to the list, which is only for a preparing to fight area, so all gear will need to be stored in the armoring room.

Buhurt Training in Soft Kits

There is 2 training sessions held at the Sheraton in the Legislative room on Saturday March 7th from 2-4 pm and 4-6 pm.  Registration is required with a $50 fee for those that wish to learn about buhurt and get introduced to the sport. Here is the link to sign up!  You can also sign up on site.  Training will be conducted by Ilias Vyshutin, one of the top fighters in our sport from Ukraine, where he has consistently participated in the Battle of the Nations for the Ukrainian National team.  Training is free to all tournament athletes.

Rules and Regulations:

We will follow HMB rules as established at the Battle of the Nations 2019 in Serbia. Additional details:

  • One deviation at the moment will be the list field will be a 3' wooden list field.
  • Flooring will be Rogue Gym mats
  • No white flag concessions will be allowed  
  • Video reviews will be limited to 5 minutes and/or the impact on the flow of the fighting will be instrumental into the execution of the tournament.
  • Singles demonstration fighting and/or pro fights will fill any voids created.
  • Size of list field will be close to the regulation size of 24' x 48'.  
  • There will be a requirement to submit photos of fighters to review their kit.  While no authenticity requirement is present, the ability to present a quality appearance is of the highest concern and will impact acceptance or your team or individual fighters.