About Us 


We are a martial arts club focused on Historic Medieval Battles and armored combat reconstructing the medieval tournament.

We are exited to present to you the latest growing sport in Detroit.  This is one of the oldest sports in the world, yet one many have never heard of.  Bohurt.


Reconstructing the Medieval Martial Arts tournaments participated in by the nobility of Europe, we offer a grand view into history for the modern audience


Bohurt is also known Historic Medieval Battles and is run as a 5 man team verse a 5 man team in an all out armored combat melee.  Other formats include duels with arming swords and bucklers or full shields, longswords or pole axes.  The pinnacle of the individual sport is either the triathlon, which is a sequence of duels or the professional fight format, which is similar in rule sets to the bohurt.


Here is a video from our last event.