We are a sports club team participating in full contact steel fighting using medieval techniques and armor from the 14-16th centuries. We train and create armor about once a week. We participate in HMBUSA, HMBIA and AMCF events around the world.
We train in the Metro Detroit area as well as on the surrounding counties.

HEMA is the study of historic manuals and attempting to interpret centuries old instruction of various European fighting traditions, written by period masters. These texts range in date from about 1300’s - 1800’s. HEMA instruction and training can be had for a variety of weapons including longsword, arming sword, buckler, messer, greatsword, sidesword, rapier, smallsword, saber, and grappling, both in armor and without armor. HEMA competitions focus on the duel, and do not include melee events. Most competitive events do not include armor and protective equipment is simply a padded jacket, helmet, gloves, and simple knee and elbow protection. Swords are blunted and frequently have increased flexibility to allow for more safety during full speed movements. HEMA places most of its emphasis on using techniques as identified in the period manuals.

Bohurt is the historic sport of knights and their men-at-arms playing war games vs actually fighting to the death to train for actual war.   A variety of rules existed for this and eventually turned into official tournament rules as per various kings. The most famous of these is the Rule of Tournament by King Rene.  In Bohurt, we use a full variety of historic weapons from the medieval era that are built for the rigors of the sport. These weapons are built to force your opponent into submission or to score as many strikes as possible in timed one on one matches.  A Bohurt competitor is required to wear historically accurate armor from the medieval era that can withstand full force strikes from maces on up to polearms.

Medieval Fencing is the historical aspect of a one verse one test of the skill with the arms of the medieval armored and unarmored knight in the tournament.  This includes all weapons of the medieval knight, from the sword to the halberd to the bow and arrow. A knight should be proficient in all forms of the tournament and able to demonstrate prowess at the highest level.  Our focus one the one verse one is the primary introduction to our sport and establishes the basis for all other forms. We transition for base level experience of just weapon strikes to high levels, which include punching, kicking and wrestling.