5 teams will be attending and participating in the 2020 Arnold Medieval Fighting Invitational

They are:

Scallagrims (Toronto, CA)

Wheel of Pain (Baltimore/DC area)

Warlords (Dallas, TX)

Palmetto Knights (Southeast US)

Detroit Fight Club (Detroit, MI)


Here is the break down of the matches for the pool tournament, which will select the seeded single elimination tournament at the end.  


Detroit Fight Club Match 1
Dallas Warlords
Palmetto Knights Match 2
Wheel of Pain
Detroit Fight Club Match 3
Palmetto Knights
Scallagrims Match 4
Dallas Warlords
Detroit Fight Club Match 5
Wheel of Pain Match 6
Dallas Warlords
Wheel of Pain Match 7
Dallas Warlords Match 8
Palmetto Knights
Detroit Fight Club Match 9
Wheel of Pain
Palmetto Knights Match 10

The following is the schedule for the single elimination brackets along with when the women will be fighting.   NOTE: We will also conduct a 10 v 10 set of fights providing enough time still remains to do so.

Women Match 11
Men's Single Elimination 4v5 Match 12
Men's Single Elimination 2v3 Match 13
Men's Single Elimination 1 v w4/5 Match 14
Women Match 15
Men's Single Elimination 3rd Place Match 16
Women Match 17
Men's Single Elimination 1st / 2nd place Match 18


Additional details can be found here: https://detroitfight.club/index.php/events/9-amfc