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Ready to experience the most dynamic and intense combat sports on earth?
Ready to train in striking, grappling, swordsmanship, melee tactics, medieval weapon use, and more? 
Ready to take the first step to traveling near and far to compete as an armored combatant? 
Ready to push yourself to excellence as you become a warrior in every sense of the word?

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Here, at the Detroit Fight Club, we are focused on training competitive athletes for the sport of Armored Combat (Also known as Buhurt). 
We prepare athletes and teams for all of the disciplines of the sport,
with our men's and women's teams competing in: 

Duels: A skill focused category where fighters have matched weapons, scored on counted blows. 

Pro-Fights: Essentially MMA in armor, punches, kicks, throws, and weapon strikes are all legal. Fighters compete by weight class. 

Melee: The mass battles. Two group of fighters face off in this category, with the goal of taking down the other team. Strikes, throws and effective teamwork carry the day

 We welcome people of all backgrounds, experience, and skill level to come train with us and join us. 
We love nothing more than helping our fighters grow, develop, and win